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Athlete / Director / Photographer

Paris Based


Agathe Breton is a photographer and young filmmaker passionate about narratives centered around sports, particularly women's sports and the societal issues they raise.

After playing football for Paris FC and then FC Nantes, her athletic journey was interrupted by a series of five knee surgeries, putting an end to her professional aspirations in the field. However, it's the intersection of her passion for football and her artistic and social commitment that has led her to explore the world of sports through photographic or filmed documentaries of teams and athletes, as well as campaigns for various media and brands.

Her work is motivated by the desire to share a more real, positive, and inspiring vision of female athletes, something absent in the media. She aims to give these women a voice and provide them with a space where they can share their journeys with authenticity and resonance. 

As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, Agathe Breton finds it crucial to advocate for engagement and visibility in women's sports. Her mission revolves around questioning and improving the visibility, media coverage, and accessibility of sports for all, with the ultimate aim of promoting gender equality in athletics.

Agathe Beton

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I’m always happy to meet new people and talk about new projects so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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