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Photo documentary - U19 PSG women's team


Argentik Mag



Heart, talent, guts.
Photo documentary published in the latest issue of Argentik Mag.
Text & photos: Agathe Breton

Through the girls of the Paris Saint-Germain national U19 team, we discover the lives of young athletes, professional footballers of tomorrow.
On the field as on the bench, they all have the same objective: to sign a contract in order to be able to evolve at the highest level. Despite the individual competition for positions and places, it is sisterhood that reigns more than anything in this team that is as touching as it is inspiring.

The report comes to offer an intimate vision of their daily life within the training center, by documenting these moments of life, by capturing exchanges, looks and laughter, of what is at the heart of building a team: solidarity.

Aware of the work that remains to be done so that women's football is fairly represented and publicized, they would like more resources around their practice.
In this and in the absence of having had any, they also aspire to be models for future young girls and footballers who will watch them, with the hope that they dare to get started, that they free themselves from remarks and mockery and above all, that they have as many opportunities as their male counterparts.

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